3 things you probably didn't know about the Gisborne Wine and Food festival

With this years festival just around the corner we put together a few interesting facts to get all our punters warmed up for another year of excellent wine, food and music! Get your tickets here.

1: Gisborne has been hosting a Wine and Food festival for 20 years!

The first wine and food event for the Gisborne region took place in 1999. Since then, the festival has tried many different formats and showcased just about every local winegrower in the region.

From an all in one location, to over 5000 people being bussed between different destinations the festival is rich in history both in terms of local wine and foodies involvement and the many memories patrons have created over the years.


2: TW Wines has been a part of the festival since Day 1.

Paul Tietjen and Geordie Witters began the TW business in 1998, since then they have been involved in the festival every year be it welcoming patrons onto the vineyard to try their award winning wine or an outstanding set up at the show grounds during that format.

This year your ticket takes you onsite to the O.G vineyard of the Gisborne Wine and Food festival at TW Wines.


3: The first light wine and food festival is one of the first wine and food festivals of the summer season in NZ

The Bay of Islands kicks off the season of great wine and food on October 5th.

Just a few short weeks later it’s Gisborne’s turn.

Gisborne is able to host the event on a Sunday with Monday being Labour day- a public holiday.

Labour weekend often signifies the start of the New Zealand summer (even though we are still in Spring).

As the first place in the world to see the sun- and lots of it, Gisborne kicks off as one of the first wine and food festivals leading into summer.

Wanting to see what this year has in store? Click here to grab your tickets today, be quick they are selling out fast!

Kristy Burden